The Importance Of Reading Customer Reviews – Choosing A Removals Company

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The Importance Of Reading Customer Reviews – Choosing A Removals Company

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One of the mistakes people make when choosing a removals company for the first time is not doing their due diligence.

While, on the surface, it may seem like all removals companies offer the same service at different prices, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Professionalism and customer service are incredibly important in the removals business, but not all companies reflect that in their team.

Talk to anyone who’s had a bad experience with a removals company, and you’ll hear how stressful it can be.

Not just the job being done to a poor standard, but unhelpful, unfriendly movers who drag their feet.

Moving day is stressful enough as it is, without having to deal with grumpy, haphazard removals staff.

So, how can you ensure you’re picking the right team for the job?

Ask the right questions and do your research.

Customer reviews are one of the best ways to get a feel for a company’s reputation.

Here are a few reasons they’re so valuable.

Information You Can Trust

Hearing honest opinions from other customers offers a lot of insight about a removals company.

And most review websites have safeguards in place to prevent businesses from adding their own reviews or deleting negative comments.

This is incredibly important, as most other information you find online can’t be trusted. 

For example, a dishonest removals company can write their own testimonials and publish them on their company website, but this isn’t possible with an independent review company like Trustpilot or Referenceline.

Insight Into The Company

Reading a combination of good and bad reviews can help you make a balanced decision about a removals company.

It can also help you gain insight into their practices and professionalism. 

If a customer has a good experience, they may tell one or two people, but if they have a bad experience, they want the world to know.

You’ll often find both in a business’s reviews.

The odd negative review isn’t necessarily a bad thing – we all have our off days – but the good should far outweigh the bad.

And, if you see customers complaining about the same thing time and time again, it shows that the company isn’t addressing its issues. 

Look Beyond The Marketing Budget

Removals companies can range in size from a one-man band to a national chain.

The biggest difference between the two?

Their marketing budget.

A company that invests heavily in its marketing may be more visible than one that relies on word of mouth, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the level of service you’ll receive. 

Reviews allow you to look beyond the glitzy advertising and see what really matters, the customer experience. 

If you’re looking for a removals company in Essex, Hornchurch, Romford or Upminster, Neales Removals is the trusted choice.

Read more than 200 real customer reviews and discover what sets us apart from the rest. 


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