How To Make Moving Day (And Night) Easy

The key to moving home!

How To Make Moving Day (And Night) Easy

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How To Make Moving Day (And Night) Easy

Tips For Moving Day

Moving home can be incredibly stressful, our removals team see it more often than most.

And, while we endeavour to make the process as painless as possible by taking care of the removals process for you, there are a few other tips that we recommend to our customers. 

In past articles, we’ve given you 5 Packing Hacks For Stress Free Moving and shared the most common oversights in 5 Things To Remember When Moving Home.

Now, we’re giving you tips to make moving day itself as hassle-free as possible.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to sleep soundly the first night in your new home. 

Assemble Your Beds First

Anyone who has tried to assemble a bed after a long day will know it’s not the best team-building exercise.

So, cross it off your to-do list early and rest easy knowing your bed is waiting for you.

Depending on the removals package you choose, re-assembly of your beds may well be included in your moving costs.

But, if not, make sure that this task is near the top of your priority list.

Moving Day Delivery

While you could make your first meal at home from scratch, moving home is one of those times it’s okay to opt for convenience.

fter a long day, it’s a small blessing to have someone else cook for you.

So take the opportunity to trial one of your local takeaways and put off the cooking for another day. 

With everything from Japanese sushi to Nepalese curry, there’s no shortage of delicious restaurants in Essex.

Whatever area you now call home, treat yourself to something delicious.

Keep Your “Next Day Bag” Accessible 

We’ve mentioned it in a previous article, but packing a survival kit for the first 24 hours in your new home is an absolute must if you want to eliminate stress.

Gather a full change of clothes, pyjamas (if you’re that way inclined), toiletries, phone chargers, and anything else you might need the morning after your move.

Once you have everything you need, package it all into a clearly marked box so that you can easily spot it after the move.

For best results, we recommend a plunger and some fresh ground coffee make it into that box of essentials too – thank us later. 

Get prepared for your move with some of our FAQs, or get in touch for friendly advice.

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