Five Things To Remember When Moving Home

The key to moving home!

Five Things To Remember When Moving Home

Five Things To Remember When Moving Home, Neales Removals, Romford, Essex v4

Have you ever had that feeling where you know you’ve forgotten something, but you can’t figure out what it is?

That feeling goes hand in hand with moving home and adds an element of anxiety to an already stressful day.

We’ve worked with a lot of people over the years, and have identified five things that most people forget when moving. 

Learn from those that came before you and cross a few of these off your list…

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1. Five Things To Remember When Moving home: Update Your Address

You’ve got your meter readings and even changed your address with your bank.

Great start!

But there are a few other places you’ll need to update your address that might have slipped your mind. 

2. Five Things To Remember When Moving home: Hold Your Mail

No matter how prepared you are, there’s always some paperwork that will inevitably slip through the cracks.

Whether it’s clothing catalogues or annual charity updates, it’s likely that a few stray pieces of mail will continue finding their way to your old address. 

To avoid missing anything important, inform Royal Mail of your change of address.

And set up a temporary forwarding service to serve as a catch-all for the first few months after your move.

3. Five Things To Remember When Moving home: Pack Your Plants

One of the most commonly overlooked groups of items, plants play an important role in making your new house a home. #

While most removals companies exclude the transport of plants, that doesn’t mean you can’t move them in your own vehicle. 

Indoor plants may need the top few inches of soil removed to prevent any spillage during the journey.

Meanwhile, outdoor plants should be temporarily placed into pots/large buckets and replanted quickly. 

Think ahead and decide which plants will be coming to that new home with you.

But that rose bush you’ve fought with every summer?

Well, you might want to leave that one behind.

4. Five Things To Remember When Moving home: Grab Those Garden Tools

Out of sight, out of mind – it’s no wonder garden tools are one of the most common things people forget to pack when they move home.

Whether you need them at your new property or not, it’s good practice to pack the contents of your garden shed and leave it empty for the next person.

Remember that spades etc should be in a clean, tidy condition and anything sharp should be protected accordingly to prevent injury. 

5. Five Things To Remember When Moving home:  Clear The Medicine Cabinet

With so much to pack, the medicine cabinet is easily overlooked.

Remember to completely clear your medicine cabinet before moving and take the opportunity to have a good sort out.

After all, there’s no point packing anything that’s past its expiry date or you don’t have any need for. 

Pack any essential prescription medicines where they’ll be easy to find and separate any unopened, unused or out-of-date medicines for recycling at your local pharmacy.

With these tips, you can avoid the “What am I forgetting” feeling and move into your new home with total peace of mind. Ready to book your removals date? 

Want to make moving house in Essex even easier?

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