The First Things I Should Do When I Move Into A New Home?

The key to moving home!

The First Things I Should Do When I Move Into A New Home?

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Moving into your new home can be an exciting time and a chance for a fresh start.

Other than all the unpacking and organising of furniture that will keep you busy in the first few days, there are some key things to remember, to help you settle in. 

Aside from the obvious, below are just some of our top tips for starting off as you mean to continue….

Finalising Your New Budget

Moving into a new area can often mean paying slightly different bills than you’ve been used to.

Whether you’re changing suppliers or moving into a bigger home, your costs may change.

Once you have submitted up-to-date meter readings for your new utility providers, it’s worth having a look at your monthly budget. 

Be sure to take into account changes to your:

Once you have this part out of the way, you know exactly how much free cash you have for those new home purchases you’ve had your eye on.

Change Of Address Notifications

Make sure you update your address wherever it’s held on file.

Whether this is for identification purposes, with your local surgery or companies you’re a customer with.  

Updating your car insurance policy and driving license is very important, as is your telephone and broadband provider

Take into account your new location, partly determines the terms of your policy, and you could be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell the DVLA when you change your address. 

Other important places to update your address are:

  • Bank Account
  • TV license
  • Electoral roll
  • Pension provider
  • Your Employer
  • Inform your Doctor
  • Credit Card company
  • Tell the Post Office to redirect your mail

Preparing Your New Home

You’ve just arrived at your new home.

Stop right there! Before you start unpacking, you can save time by preparing your new home to live in.

There’s no better time to clean than before your belongings are placed throughout the house.

Once you’ve fully unpacked, cleaning will be much more challenging and take a lot longer.

If you have pets, small children or both, you’ll benefit from installing safety and security measures from the first day.

Nothing is more stressful than witnessing an accident that was waiting to happen. 

Take these steps to prepare your new home straight away. It will allow you to be more relaxed in what can otherwise be a stressful time for you and your family.


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