When is the best day and time of year to move home?

The key to moving home!

When is the best day and time of year to move home?

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Ever considered when the best day and time of year to move home is?

On average a person in the UK will move 8 times in their lifetime so beginning a new chapter in your life by moving home, can causes a mixture of excitement and stress.

In addition, with the reality of all that packing and unpacking that’s involved, it’s important to choose the right time of year to move.

Even choosing the right day, could make a massive difference to the pressure of moving home.

Compare My Move website compiled a survey that turned up some interesting results about the most popular times to move.

They used data from 95,000 house removals and turned up the following results.

When is the most popular day to move home?

Best day to move house was Friday with 34% choosing this day, this is not surprising as it gives families the weekend to unpack and get things sorted out over the weekend.

Sunday became the least popular with only 2% opting for this day, quite frankly who would like to come home on a workday to start unpacking.

  • Most popular Day – Friday
  • Least Popular Day – Sunday

What is the most cost-effective day to move home?

Sunday being the least popular day to move explains why it came out as the cheapest option.

Tuesday was the most expensive day for moving house, and probably the reason it’s an unpopular day for moving.

If you’re looking for a midweek move, the second cheapest option is Wednesday being 20% cheaper than the weekly overall average cost.

  • Most Expensive Day – Tuesday
  • Cheapest Day – Sunday

When is the most popular month to move home?

Summer is the most popular time to move, usually because people looking to buy in Spring are ready to move in the summer.

The overall favourite month to move is August especially for movers in Greater and Central London, the East of England, and the Southeast.

The Spring too is very popular with good lighting, mild temperature and somewhat predictable weather conditions that make Spring a good choice.

Moving in Autumn is also common as you’ll still get dependable weather, September generally being a very busy time for removal companies.

The least favourite months are November and December.

Obviously, the winter cold weather makes the move harder.

Firstly, weather conditions are unpredictable and more extreme but secondly, many people are already considering the expense of Christmas and the New Year holidays.

  • Best month to Move – Summer
  • Worst month to Move – Winter

What is the most cost-effective month to move home?

The best time to move depends on your personal circumstances.

However, Spring/Summer is ideal in terms of prospective buyers, good weather.

Summer being the most popular time to move, but it’s also the most expensive.

In contrast, the winter, especially January usually working out the cheapest option.

  • Most Expensive Month – August
  • Cheapest Month – January

Moving home always depends on your circumstances if you are governed by finances and looking for a less expensive option then move home in January on a Sunday.

If money is no object, then a Tuesday in August sounds good!

Happy House Hunting!

Are you planning to move in 2024? Or perhaps you’re planning to upgrade or downsize in 2025?

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